• anak krakatau volcanic island

    Anak Krakatau Volcanic Island

    Child of Krakatoa (Anak Gunung Krakatau) Indonesia sanctuary child of Krakatoa or Anak Gunung Krakatau is located in sunda strait between two islands Java and Lampung Island. Almost people around the world know about Krakatoa volcano, then the child of Krakatoa is the rest of big volcano Krakatoa that has exploded over hundred years ago. […]

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  • gigi hiu beach

    Gigi Hiu Beach

    Gigi Hiu or Shark’s Teeth Some other people still don’t believe that in Lampung there many secret hidden tourism place for your destination object. The purity of nature are still exist in Lampung, probably even native lampungnese is not sure to know this place. Almost of tourism place provide new atmosphere for the visitors. One […]

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  • ranau lake

    Ranau Lake

    Ranau Lake or Danau ranau is name of lake in Lampung. It becomes very famous sounding Indonesian people because Ranau Lake has uploaded into electronic newsletter such as website, blog, and others lately. This lake is made of the Volcano eruption and earthquake that make hole on concave, of course it is huge enough. It […]

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  • parangtritis beach

    Parangtritis Beach

    Escape from the city for a while and take the short drive from Yogya to the mystical Parangtritis beach where dramatic jagged cliffs meet a glistening volcanic black sand beach. Located around 28 km (17 miles) from Yogya this is the ideal distance to come for a day trip to take a break out of […]

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  • mutun beach

    Mutun Beach

    There are a lot of information said that many beaches surround Sumatra island. And most of them are still pure of natural and no one know about it. Those make people want to visit and see how it is like. Then, one of them is Mutun beach. Mutun beach is also known as the white […]

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  • way kambas national elephant park

    Way Kambas National Elephant Park

    Way Kambas is one of the beautiful national elephant park in Lampung. It is an ecosystem representation which is under valley from fresh water in a jungle beach Sumatra. There are more than 50 kind of mammals live within, including Sumatra’s rhinoceros, elephants, tigers, tapirs, gibbons, wild dog (coyote), and 406 kinds of type duck […]

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  • krakal beach

    Krakal Beach

    Krakal including beautiful beaches when compared to the beaches found along the island of Java. This beach receives the sun from morning hinga dusk throughout the year. Sea breeze that blows very cool and pretty big waves. Krakal has a texture that is flat and sandy white stretching more than 5 kilometers. This beach and […]

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