• Sumur Gumuling

    Sumur Gumuling was a mosque with deep architecture philosophies. The main gate is only one to enter and exit, the philosophy is that human is created by God and human will return to God. The real sumur (well) is located in the middle of the building and on the upper part there are stairs to […]

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  • Panggung Krapyak

    This place was used on Mataram Dinasty. Panggung Krapyak used by the King as the place to hide and hunt some animals, such as deer. Then this place called as Kandang Menjangan (Deer Cage) by the villagers. Panggung Menjangan was built on 1760 by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. This place also used as a […]

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  • Gampingan Temple

    Not all temples have typical, beautiful relief since generally they are decorated with statues and general relief as those found in almost all other temples. One of the temples with specific, beautiful relief is Gampingan, a temple that was incidentally found by a brick craftsman in Gampingan Village, Piyungan, Bantul in 1995. Small and incomplete, […]

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  • agung temple

    Agung Temple

    Agung Temple is a small Hindu temple site located in Malang River region, Central Amuntai districts, Hulu Sungai Utara, South Kalimantan. The temple is estimated relics of the kingdom Country Dipa whose existence contemporaneous with the kingdom of Majapahit Agung Temple is a relic of Empire State Amuntai Dipa Khuripan built by Professor Jatmika XIV […]

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