• ngobaran beach

    Ngobaran Beach

    Ngobaran beach located in Kanigoro, District Saptosari, Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta. Ngobaran derived from the blaze, which means burning. The beach is called the region Ngobaran because supposedly this place used to be a place for Prabu Brawijaya V (the last descendants of the Majapahit Kingdom from 1464 to 1478 AD) burn themselves because they […]

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  • ringgung beach

    Ringgung Beach

    Sari Ringgung beach is the full name of Ringgung beach which located in sub district of Padang Cermin, Pesawaran Regency. It takes for an hour to get into location through Bandar Lampung. Actually, Ringgung beach is in a row of lampung beach like Mutun, Puri Gading, and Duta Wisata. One thing that make Ringgung beach […]

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  • surumanis beach

    Surumanis Beach

    This time we tried to explore Surumanis Beach which is one of the hidden beaches in the county, with a fairly high level of difficulty when compared with other hidden beaches like beaches and coral Lampon Court. Terrain is so extreme and challenging it is suitable for you who are young at heart who always […]

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  • pasir beach

    Pasir Beach

    The beach sand is a row of the south coast are located in Kebumen district. This beach is the beach where the fishermen used to find fish, many scattered dozens or even hundreds of fishing boats and there is also a fish auction place (TPI) there. The sand beach is located in the village of […]

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  • pasir putih beach

    Pasir Putih Beach

    Pasir Putih beach depicts interesting atmosphere which is able to fresh your eyes and feeling. The wonderful nature of Pasir Putih beach which only takes for about 20 kilometers from Bandar Lampung makes it as the destination place for Lampung citizen to spend their time in holiday season. Pasir Putih beach is located in Tarahan, […]

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  • gigi hiu beach

    Gigi Hiu Beach

    Gigi Hiu or Shark’s Teeth Some other people still don’t believe that in Lampung there many secret hidden tourism place for your destination object. The purity of nature are still exist in Lampung, probably even native lampungnese is not sure to know this place. Almost of tourism place provide new atmosphere for the visitors. One […]

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  • parangtritis beach

    Parangtritis Beach

    Escape from the city for a while and take the short drive from Yogya to the mystical Parangtritis beach where dramatic jagged cliffs meet a glistening volcanic black sand beach. Located around 28 km (17 miles) from Yogya this is the ideal distance to come for a day trip to take a break out of […]

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